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Bespoke Websites,
Graphic Design, SEO & Print

Female run, green web design team, who are passionate and dedicated to breathing new life into your project or business branding...

When something is designed with heightened awareness, it promotes well-being. Mindful design is paying attention to the details. It’s making things simple, but not simplistic...

~ Danielle Huthart ~

~ Welcome to Mindful Design ~


Our Services...

  • Bespoke website development

  • Logo & graphic design

  • Green Printed materials

  • Web and domain hosting

  • Social media development

  • Pro stock library images

  • Search engine optimisation

We offer our customers long term commitment. This starts with a design consultation, where we work together with you on the details of your project. We continue to provide ongoing support should you need help with anything or want changes and updates. 

dandelion 5_edited.jpg
  • Aesthetic yet practical

  • Consciously created

  • Tailored to your vision

  • Made to promote well-being

  • About capturing essence

  • Inspiring & relatable

  • Unhurried & never mundane


We work closely with clients to produce something appealing, unique and tailored to your individual needs. Our inspiring design products can be customised to your taste, such as colour, images, layout, fonts and much more. Our approach is creative and professional.


Our Company...

  • Considers ethics & impact

  • Supports environmental change

  • Is authentic in its intent

  • Pays attention to detail

  • Is carbon neutral

  • Is female run (with a gender balance)

  • Uses responsible materials

The dedicated, enthusiastic team at Mindful Design is headed up by Helen Martin. Helen is a visual artist, web developer, graphic designer and SEO, who’s complete and utter passion for both her work and her clients’ projects is the driving force behind the success of her team.

Our Work Is...

Benefits of a Website With Us...

Anyone who provides a professional service needs to have a website nowadays. In fact, customers have come to expect it. Prospective clients are far more likely to choose someone with a website, where they can view a full set of details. Here are just some of the main benefits…

mandala 3.png

Increase business and get more customers

mandala 3.png

Look more professional and reassure clients

mandala 3.png

Build credibility and trust in your brand

mandala 3.png

Display testimonials from happy past clients

mandala 3.png

Share your expertise and knowledge in your field

mandala 3.png

Showcase your services and what you offer

mandala 3.png

Build better rapport with existing clients

mandala 3.png

Help clients find out about who you are

mandala 3.png

Connect and interact with new clients easily

mandala 3.png

Make it easy for people to pay you or donate

mandala 3.png

Post up-to-date offers, training and new skills

mandala 3.png

Save time by having key info on your website

mandala 3.png

Be found by people more easily on Google

mandala 3.png

Book appointments and initial chats online

mandala 3.png

Help clients decide if you are a. good fit

Book a free mini consultation with one of our team...

Mindful in Our Design

We derive inspiration for our work from the fundamental principles of mindfulness. Throughout the process of design and development, we devote our full attention and energy to creating websites and graphics that capture the essence of our client‘s intention. We pace the number of new orders we take on to ensure we are providing the highest quality products and individualised client service. We take pride in demonstrating that a company can be successful while staying true to an ethical model and core values.

buddha 2 copy.jpg

Mindful of Our Planet

We are proud of our commitment to being a carbon neutral business. Our studio uses renewable energy sources, and we offset our carbon footprint in a number of ways. We use responsible print materials and environmentally friendly products. In 2019, we established our own grove of trees which is carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands. We stand alongside our clientele in leaving a positive cultural, social, and ecological impact through our design services.

Mindful of Our Clients

Our core principle is to help eco-friendly, sustainable businesses, and those in supportive roles, to gain more exposure. Our clients are the heart of Mindful Design. They motivate and inspire us every day to remain true to our mission and purpose. We guide you on design concepts, answer questions, and most importantly, we listen to and collaborate with you in bringing your vision to life. We treat every product we develop as a representation of who you are, and ensure that every last detail exceeds your expectations. 


Examples of Our Work...

Our Amazing Feedback...

We are always thrilled to get good feedback from customers…it’s very affirming and keeps us inspired to help others achieve their visions. Some of our customers have been kind enough to leave testimonials about our service. We hope they communicate confidence in our abilities, and give a sense of the process involved in working with us…

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Help Us Grow Our Forest...

We have our very own dedicated grove of trees with Trees For Life. We aim to plant 5 trees for each new project. You can also donate a tree!

Book a free mini consultation with one of our team...

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